The culmination of a 1-year project. The Africa Atlas, co-authored with Giovanni Faleg and Marleen de Haan, experts in Africa sustainability, and development.

We started with the AU-EU Joint Vision for 2030 to focus on relevant policy issues.

We then studied similar products, drawing huge inspiration from the marvelous Atlas of the Invisible‘s fantastic storytelling, funky layouts, and diverse visual forms.

The list goes on. Here just two more: the award-winning Atlante dell’Appennino by The Visual Agency, and the brand new Arctic Permafrost Atlas

loop through most maps in the atlas
All maps were created using R, sf and ggplot2. RAWGraphs was used for a few additional graphs, and we used eurostat’s GISCO and Natural Earth data for all basemaps, keeping a single whole-continent perspective and projection.
Parsing and wrangling some of the data was tedious at times. R packages such as 🌟 Stars made it bearable.

I also caught the rayshader craze, plotting two-dimensional data in 3D just because… Here’s the making of the spread on urbanization and demographics.

loop through the making of the map on urbanization




R, Ai, RAW, Id




Nov 2023